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What are some good RSS feeds that I can subscribe to?

Check out our List of RSS Feeds that we’ve tested.  Or check out Bloglines’ list of Most Popular Feeds.

How do I create filters?

See the Keyword Filtering Guide for details on writing your own filters to weed out the junk from your feed subscriptions.

How do I add feeds directly from Firefox?

See the Firefox Integration page for detailed instructions. It’s simple, really.

How do I add feeds from Internet Explorer?

See the Internet Explorer Integration page for detailed instructions.

How do I use authenticated feeds that require a username and password?

Feed Notifier versions 2.2 and up will automatically detect when a feed requires a username and password. You will be prompted to enter your login credentials when adding the feed.

If you need to change your password, you will have to delete and re-create the feed.  The username and password cannot be changed once the feed is added.

What new features are planned?

Here are some features that we hope to add to Feed Notifier in upcoming releases. Have an idea that’s not listed? Let us know.

  • OPML support – import/export feed information.
  • Quiet mode – instead of popping up new items, change the system tray icon to something that will let the user know new items are available.
  • Folder structure – to keep feeds better organized and to be able to enable/disable whole groups of feeds with one click.
  • Theme configuration – user configurable popup colors and fonts.

Who did this?

Michael Fogleman, a full-time software engineer who likes to create useful applications in his spare time. Contact: fogleman at Google’s email domain.