Feed Notifier 2.6 Released

2013 May 6
by Michael Fogleman

Version 2.6 fixes a bug reported by many people that caused old items to reappear for certain feeds. Sorry for the delay in fixing this annoying bug. Update today!

Feed Notifier for Mac OS X!

2012 November 1
by Michael Fogleman

I’ve developed a port of Feed Notifier for Mac OS X. It integrates with the new “Notification Center” in Mountain Lion, so the popup notifications have a standard look and feel. Features for the Mac version include…

  • Track any number of RSS and Atom feeds
  • Specify the polling frequency for each feed
  • Import feeds from other readers
  • Configure notification popup contents
  • Configure if and when sounds are played
  • Pause and resume updates
  • Force the app to check all feeds from the menu
  • Launch items in your browser by clicking on notifications
  • Automatically run the app at login

There are a couple other similar apps already on the App Store but they either require (and only work with) Google Reader or aren’t quite as polished. So check it out!

Download on the App Store

Feed Notifier on GitHub

2012 February 17
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier is now hosted on GitHub! Feel free to contribute code changes. Also, submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub.


Feed Notifier 2.5 Released

2011 August 26
by Michael Fogleman

Bug fixes and new features are here in Feed Notifier 2.5! Configurable colors!

New Pop-up Options

  • Wait if hovering: Don’t advance to the next pop-up if you’re hovering over it with your mouse.
  • Stay on top: Now you can choose to not have pop-ups stay on top, if you wish.
  • Border size: You can configure the size of the pop-up border.
  • Border color: You can configure the color of the pop-up border – and this can be done on a per-feed basis to help distinguish between items from different feeds!
  • Right-click links to copy the link URL.

Other Features

  • Allow fallback on Windows-configured proxy.
  • Improved cache mechanism.
  • Proxy info is encoded on disk and displayed like a password in the user interface.
  • Checks for software updates every 24 hours, not just on app startup.

Bug Fixes

  • 15 second socket timeout (was infinite, which caused problems with bad feeds).
  • Use black text color in pop-ups, regardless of system theme.
  • Use proxy when downloading feed favicons.
  • Removed webkit and html theme code remnants that weren’t being used.

Feed Notifier 2.4 Released

2011 January 18
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier 2.4 is a small but important update that fixes a bug that caused many users to frequently lose their configuration settings.  The file loading and saving routines have been improved to be much more robust, and the app no longer tries to save the configuration on exit – as that wasn’t necessary. Let me know if you still have issues after updating!

Update: I snuck in another bug fix into the 2.4 release.  The Windows 7 32-bit shutdown crash should now be fixed.  If you updated Feed Notifier in the past day – you’ll need to update again.  I’m not incrementing the version number.

Feed Notifier Source Code Released

2010 July 19
by Michael Fogleman

I have released Feed Notifier’s source code under a BSD license.  I have no reason to keep the source code to myself and I can’t keep up with the feature requests and bug fixes as quickly as I would like.  If anyone wants to contribute software patches, I will be happy to review them and possibly include them in future versions of the software.  Check out the Download page and enjoy!

Feed Notifier 2.3 Released

2010 May 26
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier 2.3 is a culmination of features and bug-fixes based on user feedback.  Some larger features have been left out but will be included in later versions.

New Features

Three new features have been added.  They aren’t huge improvements, but are all nice to have.

Sound Notifications

Some users prefer to have the pop-up notifications accompanied by a sound in case they aren’t looking at the computer screen.  An option has been added (and enabled by default) to play a sound when new pop-ups are displayed.  Currently the type of sound played is not configurable but can be changed by replacing notification.wav in the sounds folder if desired.

Support for Multiple Displays

The position of the pop-ups has always been configurable yet limited to the primary display.  Now, those using multiple monitors can choose which display is used for showing the pop-ups!  Just choose which monitor to use in the options dialog.

Mouse Wheel and Keyboard Navigation

You can now use the mouse wheel and arrow keys to navigate through the pop-up items.  The home and end keys will also navigate to the first/last items, respectively.  The escape key will close the pop-up.  Note that the pop-up window must have focus for these new features to work, which is a little tricky since the pop-ups don’t steal focus (by design, of course).  So you’ll have to click on them first.

In addition to these new features, several annoying bugs reported by users have been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for “No handler found for image type.” bug that occurred with malformed favicons.
  • Fix for “The URL entered does not appear to be a valid RSS/Atom feed.” when the feed being added was actually valid but empty (no entries).
  • Fix for never polling when multiple network adapters exist and not all are connected to the internet.

What’s Left?

Two features have not yet been implemented but are up next on the priority list.  Hopefully these features will be included in the next version of Feed Notifier.

  • Quiet mode – instead of popping up new items, change the system tray icon to something that will let the user know new items are available.
  • Theme configuration – user configurable pop-up colors and fonts, configurable per feed.

Have any feature requests or bugs to report? Leave a comment or check out the Support page!

“Program of the Month” on freeware-guide.com!

2010 March 15
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier has been listed as “Program of the Month” for February 2010 on freeware-guide.com!  I didn’t even realize it had been listed as such until I saw referral traffic from there in the server logs!

In other marketing news, Feed Notifier was reviewed on freewaregenius.com, resulting in a traffic spike over the past few days.  Feed Notifier has been downloaded just over 1000 times so far this month, already outpacing February’s downloads by a fair amount.  Things start getting exciting when other people help spread the word… if you like Feed Notifier, write about it and let your friends know! =)

New Features in Version 2.2

2010 March 3
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier 2.2 contains some exciting new features.  Here are the highlights.

Keyword Filtering

Being a real-time RSS notification app, Feed Notifier is prone to flooding the user with excessive popups, even with just a handful of RSS feeds.  So, we decided to add a very powerful keyword filtering feature.  You can create any number of filters and each filter can be applied to all feeds or just the feeds that you select.  Filters can be inclusive or exclusive and can be combined using AND, OR and NOT logic.

Check out the Keyword Filtering Guide to learn how to write your own filter rules.

Authentication Improvements

Prior to version 2.2, authenticated feeds were supported but required putting your username and password in the feed URL itself, leaving it shown in plaintext in the user interface.  This was confusing and not very secure.

Now, when adding a feed, Feed Notifier will automatically detect if the feed requires authentication.  If it does, it will display a username and password prompt.

The username and password cannot be changed once the feed is added.  If you need to update your password, just remove and re-create the feed.

Note: The username and password may still be sent to the server in plain text format.  The username and password are saved locally in an encoded format (easy to decrypt but not plain text).

Multi-Threaded Feed Polling

Prior to version 2.2, Feed Notifier would check feeds serially, one at a time.  This was very inefficient, especially since most of the time is waiting for the server and the network.  Now, Feed Notifier will create up to 10 worker threads to check feeds in parallel.  This results in a significant performance increase.  (About 4x faster when testing with 10 feeds.)

Bug Fixes

Like most software updates, this release contains a few bug fixes, so be sure to update to the latest version when you can!

Twitter notifications on your desktop using Feed Notifier.

2010 February 22
by Michael Fogleman

No need to download a separate notification app for every service you want to subscribe to!  Use Feed Notifier to get real-time twitter updates on your desktop.

Log into Twitter and you’ll see the RSS icon in the address bar.  Click on it and select the feed you’d like to subscribe to.  Your browser will probably ask you for your Twitter login credentials to view the feed.

Depending on your browser, follow the appropriate steps to copy the feed URL into Feed Notifier.

Because Twitter feeds are authenticated, Feed Notifier will automatically prompt you for your Twitter username and password, as shown below.

After entering your login information, you should be able to add the feed and receive twitter updates on your desktop!