Feed Notifier for Mac OS X!

2012 November 1
by Michael Fogleman

I’ve developed a port of Feed Notifier for Mac OS X. It integrates with the new “Notification Center” in Mountain Lion, so the popup notifications have a standard look and feel. Features for the Mac version include…

  • Track any number of RSS and Atom feeds
  • Specify the polling frequency for each feed
  • Import feeds from other readers
  • Configure notification popup contents
  • Configure if and when sounds are played
  • Pause and resume updates
  • Force the app to check all feeds from the menu
  • Launch items in your browser by clicking on notifications
  • Automatically run the app at login

There are a couple other similar apps already on the App Store but they either require (and only work with) Google Reader or aren’t quite as polished. So check it out!

Download on the App Store

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