Feed Notifier 2.3 Released

2010 May 26
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier 2.3 is a culmination of features and bug-fixes based on user feedback.  Some larger features have been left out but will be included in later versions.

New Features

Three new features have been added.  They aren’t huge improvements, but are all nice to have.

Sound Notifications

Some users prefer to have the pop-up notifications accompanied by a sound in case they aren’t looking at the computer screen.  An option has been added (and enabled by default) to play a sound when new pop-ups are displayed.  Currently the type of sound played is not configurable but can be changed by replacing notification.wav in the sounds folder if desired.

Support for Multiple Displays

The position of the pop-ups has always been configurable yet limited to the primary display.  Now, those using multiple monitors can choose which display is used for showing the pop-ups!  Just choose which monitor to use in the options dialog.

Mouse Wheel and Keyboard Navigation

You can now use the mouse wheel and arrow keys to navigate through the pop-up items.  The home and end keys will also navigate to the first/last items, respectively.  The escape key will close the pop-up.  Note that the pop-up window must have focus for these new features to work, which is a little tricky since the pop-ups don’t steal focus (by design, of course).  So you’ll have to click on them first.

In addition to these new features, several annoying bugs reported by users have been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for “No handler found for image type.” bug that occurred with malformed favicons.
  • Fix for “The URL entered does not appear to be a valid RSS/Atom feed.” when the feed being added was actually valid but empty (no entries).
  • Fix for never polling when multiple network adapters exist and not all are connected to the internet.

What’s Left?

Two features have not yet been implemented but are up next on the priority list.  Hopefully these features will be included in the next version of Feed Notifier.

  • Quiet mode – instead of popping up new items, change the system tray icon to something that will let the user know new items are available.
  • Theme configuration – user configurable pop-up colors and fonts, configurable per feed.

Have any feature requests or bugs to report? Leave a comment or check out the Support page!

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