New Features in Version 2.2

2010 March 3
by Michael Fogleman

Feed Notifier 2.2 contains some exciting new features.  Here are the highlights.

Keyword Filtering

Being a real-time RSS notification app, Feed Notifier is prone to flooding the user with excessive popups, even with just a handful of RSS feeds.  So, we decided to add a very powerful keyword filtering feature.  You can create any number of filters and each filter can be applied to all feeds or just the feeds that you select.  Filters can be inclusive or exclusive and can be combined using AND, OR and NOT logic.

Check out the Keyword Filtering Guide to learn how to write your own filter rules.

Authentication Improvements

Prior to version 2.2, authenticated feeds were supported but required putting your username and password in the feed URL itself, leaving it shown in plaintext in the user interface.  This was confusing and not very secure.

Now, when adding a feed, Feed Notifier will automatically detect if the feed requires authentication.  If it does, it will display a username and password prompt.

The username and password cannot be changed once the feed is added.  If you need to update your password, just remove and re-create the feed.

Note: The username and password may still be sent to the server in plain text format.  The username and password are saved locally in an encoded format (easy to decrypt but not plain text).

Multi-Threaded Feed Polling

Prior to version 2.2, Feed Notifier would check feeds serially, one at a time.  This was very inefficient, especially since most of the time is waiting for the server and the network.  Now, Feed Notifier will create up to 10 worker threads to check feeds in parallel.  This results in a significant performance increase.  (About 4x faster when testing with 10 feeds.)

Bug Fixes

Like most software updates, this release contains a few bug fixes, so be sure to update to the latest version when you can!

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